Flexible rubber joint

Flexible Rubber Joint

Flexible Rubber Joint

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China rubber joint manufacturer JONLOO supplies flexible rubber joint.
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Key Specifications / Features

Operating Data:

Nominal Diameter(mm) DN 15~DN2000
Type Single ball Double ball Flange or thread connect
Class 125LB 150LB 300LB
Working pressure (bar) 10 16 25
Burstpressure(bar) 20 30 45
Vacuum degree KPa(mm/Hg) 40(300) 53.3(400) 86.7(650)
Medium Air,compressed air,water,sea water,oil,acid,alkali,ect. 

Type of  materials:


Flexibility,have good tear resistance ,wear resistance and drought tolerance,good

 workability,easy to bond to other materials,excellent electrical insulation.The operating

 temperature range is about -60℃ to +80℃.


Resistance to gasoline,hydraulic oil and other oil are particularly good performance.

Good heat resistance,air tightness,wear resistance and good water resistance etc.,

EPDM Resistance to ozene,UV resistance,acid,corrosion resistance,weather  resistance  and  excellent resistance to aging.heat-resistant up to 150℃.
FLANGE Can be made of carbon steel and stainless steel; Hard wire;Nylon Fabric reinforcing layer.

Products Features:
1.Small volume, light weight, good elasticity, easy installation and maintenance. 
2.Installation can generate horizontal, axial and angular displacement, from pipe barrier heart, flange is not parallel to the limit. 
3.Work to reduce structural transmission of noise, vibration absorption ability. 
4. Good sealing performance and scalability, easy to use. Internal high density, can endure high pressure, elastic deformation effect is good.
5.Use of rubber of high elasticity, high resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance and radiation resistance and other advantages can  reduce vibration and noise,and play  the role of compensation for thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature change.
6.Standard sizes range from 1.25" through 80".



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