24inch 600LB Ball Valve with Trunnion Mounted Ball at Full Port Required by Our Customer for Oil and Gas Application

24inch 600LB Ball Valve with Trunnion Mounted Ball at Full Port Required by Our Customer for Oil and Gas Application

JONLOO Ball valves can be used in a variety of applications and markets, such as transmission and storage, gas processing, industrial, and many more. JONLOO ball valves provide reliable leak protection which is especially beneficial in gas applications. Ball valves have low pressure drop and can open and close quickly. 

A variety of construction materials, trim options and designs make these valves extremely versatile. Ball valves, such as RING-O subsea ball valves, are commonly utilized in subsea applications on manifolds that require long service life at high pressures. They are also used in cryogenic applications where compressed gas must be kept at a stable temperature in order to be moved efficiently.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve – A trunnion mounted ball valve has additional mechanical anchoring at the top and bottom on the ball. This special mounting is suitable for larger and higher pressure valves. Moreover, this design allows for reduction in valve torque as the ball is supported in two places. The below ball valve is trunnion mounted. The trunnion mounted stem absorbs the thrust from the line pressure, preventing excess friction between the ball and seats, so even at full rated working pressure operating torque remains low.

Full-Port Ball Valve – A full-port, also known as a full-bore, ball valve has a bore internal diameter (ID) approximately equal to the pipeline ID. This allows for reduced friction and pressure loss across the valve. With a full-port ball valve there is no restriction to the flow of fluid, but the valve can be more expensive. This type of bore is ideal for situations where pigging may be necessary. JONLOO Ball Valve series split-body, full-port, flanged ball valve combines its sealing technology and design expertise with the versatility to solve even the most demanding applications. This technology is widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries.

Ball valves are known for reliable, bubble-tight sealing. Thus, they are a great choice for gas applications where tight shutoff is necessary. Due to the potential of constant wearing on the seats, ball valves are not ideal for throttling applications. The body of a ball valve usually is made of steel and can be made more durable with nickel plating.

The below JONLOO Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves with full port, is required by our customer for their oil and gas application. If you need for quoting, pls contact info@jonloovalves.com.