Five Ways to Solve the Sealing Problems of Valves

Ways to Solve the Poor Sealing Performance of the Valve Fast

Nowadays, most valves have poor sealing performance. Many buyers even sellers do not know how to solve the problem. Through particular research and overall discuss, we have found five ways to solve the poor sealing performance of the valves. Welcome people from all walks of the life taking this for reference.

Five Ways to Solve The Pool Sealing Performance

fine grinding, can eliminate trace, decrease or cancel the sealing clearance, improve the finish degree of the sealing surface and promote the sealing performance.

2. Use the unbalanced force to increase the sealing specific pressure
The actuator produce a certain sealing pressure to spool. When the unbalanced force create an opening trend, the sealing force of spool equals two force subtraction. Otherwise, it would be two force addition. Thus this will greatly increase the sealing specific pressure. The sealing effect will be improved to 5 to 10 times than the former one. Usually the single seal valve (dg≧20) is fluid open type. If you don’t satisfy with the sealing effect, please change to fluid close type, which will multiply your sealing ability. Especially the cutting regulating valve of two digital type, should be used as the fluid close type.
3.Improve the sealing load of the actuator
Improving the sealing load of the valve spool which is produced by actuator is the usual way to guarantee the close of the valve, increase the sealing specific pressure and improve the sealing ability.
The usual way is as follows:
A. Move the spring working scope.
B. Change to the weak stiffness spring.
C.Add accessory, such as locator.
D. Increase air source pressure.
F. Change to a more powerful actuator.
4.Using single sealing, soft sealing way
The regulating valve used for the double sealing may change to single sealing, which the sealing ability can be impoved to 10 times. If the unbalanced force is a larger, we can take corresponding measures. Choose soft seal instead of hard seal so that the sealing ability can be improved more than 10 times.

5.Using a better sealed valve
Under an unavoidable situation, you can choose a better sealed valve, such as change common butterfly valve  to ellipse butterfly valve, and then to cutting butterfly valve, eccentric rotary valve, ball valve and special designed cutting valve.
ball valve